June Fri, 2002

ISSUES IN THE RACE FOR SENATE: National Security and Terrorism Top Voters’ List

Voters say that in this November’s election for United States Senator from New Jersey their choice will be determined more by the candidates’ positions on the issues than the candidates’ personal qualities. And at this early stage of the election, the voters’ issue agenda favors Democratic incumbent Bob Torricelli over his Republican challenger Doug Forrester. According to a new Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers Poll, voters’ top issue concerns in this election include national security and terrorism, health care and prescription drugs, and education.

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June Tue, 2002

THE RACE FOR SENATE BEGINS: Forrester Faces an Uphill Battle

The general election campaign for United States Senator from New Jersey begins with a double-digit advantage for incumbent Democrat Bob Torricelli, according to a new survey by the Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers Poll. Among registered voters, Torricelli currently leads Republican challenger Doug Forrester by 14 points – 43percent to 29 percent. When those who lean toward a candidate are included, Torricelli’s lead widens to 48 percent to 31 percent for Forrester.

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March Sun, 2002

NO RELIEF FOR TORRICELLI POST-INVESTIGATION But Potential Opponents Have Uphill Battles of Their Own

Views of Senator Robert Torricelli and his fundraising activities have not improved since last spring, even after the five-year federal investigation into his 1996 campaign finally drew to a close in January with no charges filed against him. Despite the lack of charges, most New Jerseyans who know about the investigations still believe Torricelli did something wrong – if not illegal, then unethical.

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November Sun, 2001


Jim McGreevey has widened his lead and now holds a commanding advantage over his Republican opponent Bret Schundler going into the final days of the campaign for Governor. According to the most recent Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers Poll, the Woodbridge Democrat is ahead by a 17 percentage point margin—53 to 36 percent— with just 8 percent still undecided and 3 percent intending to vote for some other candidate in Tuesday’s election. McGreevey held just a 12-point lead over Schundler in Eagleton’s mid-October survey.

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