March Mon, 2024

Majority of New Jerseyans Say Teachers Should Keep Transgender Students’ Identity Confidential as Matter of Safety

After much debate among politicians and parents alike over school privacy policies regarding transgender students in the fall, New Jerseyans believe teachers shouldn’t share a student’s transgender identity with their parents if the student doesn’t feel safe coming out, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. Fifty-four percent say a teacher shouldn’t be required by law to inform a student’s parents about their transgender identity if a student confides such information to them and says they don’t feel safe coming out to their parents, according to the poll conducted in December.

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February Mon, 2024

New Jerseyans Are More Concerned About Books Being Banned Than Inappropriate Content; Aside from bans, majority of adults polled think laws against LGBTQ and race Issues in the classroom are politically driven

As debate over the “Freedom to Read” Act heats up, New Jersey has already taken sides, with a majority of adults in the state saying they are concerned about book bans and the political motivation behind it, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. When polled in December and asked to choose which concerns them more about schools today, 58 percent of residents say they are more concerned that some schools may ban books and censor topics that are educationally important, while 35 percent say they are more concerned that some schools may teach books and topics that some students or their parents feel are inappropriate or offensive; 8 percent are unsure.

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