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Media Mentions February 8, 2020

By Wide Margins, New Jerseyans Trust Physicians, Nurses Most for Health-Related Info: Rutgers Poll

“The pattern of who or what New Jerseyans trust to provide accurate health and healthcare-related information mirrors the pattern of who or where they seek information about health and health care-related topics,” said Ashley Koning, assistant research professor and director of the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling. “The more they trust a particular source, the more they are likely to seek information from it.”

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Media Mentions February 6, 2020

Latest Health Matters Poll: By Wide Margins, New Jerseyans Turn to and Trust Physicians, Nurses Most for Health-Related Information

Though they’re able to seek healthcare information from more places than ever before, New Jersey residents still turn to — and trust —doctors and nurses more than any other source. Nine in ten report being likely to ask a doctor for information; eight in ten say they ask a nurse. Around nine in ten trust each of these sources to provide accurate health information.

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