December Wed, 2015


In the midst of terror attacks at home and abroad, and following Gov. Chris Christie’s demand that no Syrian refugees come to the state, New Jersey residents split evenly on whether to accept refugees from Syria, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. While 45 percent say New Jersey should remain open to refugees from the conflict in Syria, another 45 percent disagree, while 10 percent are unsure.

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June Fri, 2002

ISSUES IN THE RACE FOR SENATE: National Security and Terrorism Top Voters’ List

Voters say that in this November’s election for United States Senator from New Jersey their choice will be determined more by the candidates’ positions on the issues than the candidates’ personal qualities. And at this early stage of the election, the voters’ issue agenda favors Democratic incumbent Bob Torricelli over his Republican challenger Doug Forrester. According to a new Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers Poll, voters’ top issue concerns in this election include national security and terrorism, health care and prescription drugs, and education.

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March Mon, 2002

9/11 AFTER SIX MONTHS Life Has Not Returned To Normal

The terrorist attacks of September 11th are still very much a part of New Jerseyans’ lives after six months. According to a new Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers Poll, some emotions continue to run high, and life has not returned to normal for most. Only about one-third of New Jerseyans feel their lives have returned to normal, while nearly a quarter of them feel life will NEVER return to normal. These feelings are little changed from last October when 25 percent said life had returned to normal, and a similar quarter said life never would.

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