Online Surveys

Online surveys are an alternative when email addresses are known for a large proportion of the expected respondents. When email is not known, mixed surveys can be done, which recruit respondents using telephone sampling, and then send those who agree to participate a link to the online survey. Online surveys are often less expensive than telephone surveys, but are not usually appropriate for population random sample surveys. ECPIP staff can work with the client to determine the appropriateness of collecting data online for any given project.


Telephone Surveys

The majority of ECPIP’s research is conducted using telephone interviews. This is generally the most effective means to obtain a representative sample. Telephone surveys are used whenever telephone contact information is available for all or nearly all potential survey participants. This may include statewide or regional “probability” samples based on random digit dialing or a “census” based on a clientele list. Telephone surveys can include both landline and cell phone numbers, or can focus on either one of these alone.


In-Person Surveys

For selected projects, ECPIP may be able to offer in-person interviewing. Projects for which this option would make sense include intercept interviews with clients at their point of service and small neighborhood surveys. In-depth personal interviews are also useful with key informants and community leaders.



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