Standard Conditions of Engagement


In order to engage ECPIP’s services, the research agenda should focus on a matter of public policy that will have an impact on the life of the citizenry. ECPIP will only employ research methods which, in our judgment, meet accepted standards of practice in the profession. Unless otherwise agreed on between the client and ECPIP, the following conditions of engagement apply for contract work:


  • All participants in the study will be assured that any responses or information they provide will be kept strictly confidential. Under no circumstances will any information which would allow respondents to be individually identified be made available to anyone other than authorized ECPIP personnel without the express consent of the respondent.
Ownership of Data
  • All electronic and paper data files will remain the property of ECPIP. Upon request, the client will be provided with a copy of the data file with participant identification removed. If a client wishes to have copies of the instruments, specific arrangements to do so may be made subject to the terms of confidentiality. Upon request, ECPIP will return any documents, records, or other information provided by the client to conduct the study. ECPIP will destroy all materials and study instruments one year after completion of the study.
Access to Data
  • The client may control access to any data collected by ECPIP for a study for a period not to exceed one year from delivery of the final report. After that time, ECPIP is free to use the data in its teaching, research, and public service programs.
Public Representations of Data
  • A client who releases any findings from a survey must also be willing to release the complete data report upon request. If, in the judgment of ECPIP, the data collected in a study are publicly misrepresented by the client or anyone else, ECPIP retains the right to issue a public corrective. Under no circumstances may any data from an ECPIP study be used in paid advertising or any paid promotion without written consent.
Principles of Disclosure
  • ECPIP complies with the National Council on Public Polls Principles of Disclosure regarding release of the details of a study’s methodology and data collection procedures.