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October 2016

The Data Behind the Discussions at NJ Spotlight on Cities Conference [NJ Spotlight, 10/13/16]
4 things to know about a possible gas tax hike [Asbury Park Press, 10/4/16]
Donald Trump’s Pathetic Fraternity [The New York Times, 10/1/16]
Corruption in the Soprano State [The New York Times, 10/1/16]

September 2016

Christie Talks About Second Chances as Bridge Trial Takes Toll [Bloomberg, 9/29/16]
Powerful Backers of Gambling in North Jersey Decide to Fold Their Hand [NJ Spotlight, 9/23/16]
Prosecutors say Christie knew about ‘Bridgegate’ [The Hill, 9/19/16]
Poll: 69 percent of New Jersey voters disapprove of Christie [Politico, 9/19/16]
Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Bridgegate-seared Christie Hits New Ratings Low [Observer: PolitickerNJ, 9/19/16]

September 2015

Christie: Bridge scandal no reflection on my leadership [USA Today, 9/10/15]
Broad Coalition Calls on Christie to Sign New Jersey Democracy Act Without Delay [Politicker NJ, 9/2/15]
Chris Christie unpopular among Rutgers Students [Daily Targum, 9/2/15]
Democrats to Christie: Sign N.J. voting overhaul [, 9/2/15]
Sweeney, Democrats push Christie to sign bill expanding early voting [, 9/2/15]
Sweeney, Senate Leaders Push Democracy Act in Jersey City [PolitickerNJ, 9/2/15]

August 2015

Election? What Election?: Rutgers in top 20 schools with least politically active students [Daily Targum, 8/31/15]
Kasich Notches Sky-High Approvals in Ohio as Christie Struggles in NJ [Politicker NJ, 8/25/15]
Governors Gone Wild(ly Unpopular) [US News, 8/24/15]
Poll: Three-Quarters Of Residents Proud To Live In Garden State [CBS New York, 8/21/15]
There’s a lot of pride around the state, but what about from outside? [NJ Biz, 8/21/15]
Poll finds support for changes to N.J. voting laws [, 8/18/15]
Prieto: New Jersey’s Voting Laws are in the ‘Stone Age’ [Politicker NJ, 8/18/15]
Rutgers-Eagleton: 59% Support an Online Voter Registration System [Politicker NJ, 8/18/15]
N.J. Politics Roundup: Resign Christie, N.J. poll says; impasse on new judges ends [, 8/14/15]
N.J. voters to Christie: Resign to run for president [Courier-Post, 8/15/15]
Poll: Majority of New Jersey voters want Chris Christie to resign as governor [Red Alert Politics, 8/14/15]
Majority of N.J. says Christie should resign, poll finds [, 8/13/15]
Poll: Most NJ Residents Want Christie To Resign During Presidential Run [CBS Philadelphia, 8/13/15]
Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Majority of New Jerseyans want Christie to Resign [Politicker NJ, 8/13/15]
What they’re saying across the nation about Christie and his 2016 run [, 8/12/15]
Majority of N.J. voters say Christie not ‘presidential,’ poll finds [, 8/11/15]
N.J. voters don’t think Christie is presidential, poll finds [Capital New York, 8/11/15]
N.J. voters: Christie not presidential, ‘self-centered’ [NJ Biz, 8/11/15]
New Jersey Voters: ‘Presidential’ does not Describe Chris Christie, Rutgers Poll Says [Politicker NJ, 8/11/15]
Rutgers Eagleton Poll: Chris Christie Seen As Arrogant, Self-Centered, Not Presidential [CBS Philadelphia, 8/11/15]
Poll Of NJ Voters Again Shows Record Low Favorability For Christie [CBS Philadelphia, 8/10/2015]
IN DEPTH: Did debate spur a Chris Christie comeback? [Asbury Park Press, 8/9/2015]
In sparring with Rand Paul, Christie shows he can fight [USA Today, 8/8/2015]
It gets heated for Chris Christie at GOP debate [Asbury Park Press, 8/7/2015]
N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to Begin Eastern Seaboard Fundraising Blitz [Wall Street Journal, 8/7/2015]
Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Christie’s Popularity At Home Dips To New Low [CBS New York, 8/7/2015]
Another poll, another new low in NJ for Christie [Asbury Park Press, 8/6/2015]
As GOP debate nears, Christie’s popularity hits new low in N.J. [NJ Biz, 8/6/2015]
Christie’s job approval falls to record lows in N.J., poll shows [, 8/6/2015]
Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Christie Hits New Low with NJ Voters [Politicker NJ, 8/6/2015]
Poll: N.J. Republicans favor Trump over Christie [NJ Biz, 8/4/2015]
Poll: Christie no longer top presidential primary pick of N.J. Republicans [Politico, 8/3/2015]

July 2015

Chris Christie’s war on numbers [Politico, 7/29/15]
Eagleton Names Ashley Koning as Assistant Director [Politicker NJ, 7/23/15]
In Praise of Negative Campaigning [Politico Magazine, 7/15/15]
Have a Nice Campaign! Chris Christie’s Present from Home-State Democrats [Bloomberg Politics, 7/9/15]
Bridgegate casts continuing shadow on Chris Christie’s campaign [, 7/5/15]
Christie announces run for president [Hudson Reporter, 7/5/15]

June 2015

Don’t expect New Jerseyans to fill Christie’s bandwagon [Asbury Park Press, 6/30/15]
New Jersey Could Be a Tough State for Chris Christie to Win [New York Times, 6/30/15]
Redlawsk: for Christie, Sandy highs turned to Bridgegate lows [Politicker NJ, 6/30/15]
Could Christie’s Record on Gay Marriage Hurt Him With Conservatives, Liberals? [NJ Spotlight, 6/29/15]
What pollsters said when Christie was popular [, 6/23/15]
Poll: NJ Residents Support Legalization, Taxation, Regulation of Recreational Marijuana [CBS Philadelphia, 6/19/15]
New Jersey Lt. Gov. Weighs Run for Governor [Wall Street Journal, 5/31/15]

April 2015

Poll: Governor Christie’s Support Within New Jersey Continues To Erode [CBS Philadelphia, 4/9/15]
Gov. Christie’s Approval Ratings Drop to New Low, Rutgers-Eagleton Poll Shows [Rutgers Today, 4/8/15]
Republicans give Menendez a pass [Politico, 4/8/15]
Most New Jerseyans don’t think Bob Menendez should resign [Washington Post, 4/7/15]
Poll: Majority want Sen. Menendez to stay in office [News 12 New Jersey, 4/7/15]
Poll: Menendez should stay in office [, 4/7/15]
The (cheaper) summer road trip [Press of Atlantic City, 4/6/15]

February 2015

Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: 63% support Aid in Dying Act [Politicker NJ, 2/25/2015]
Most N.J. residents support Christie’s plan for Atlantic City, poll finds [, 2/24/2015]
Poll: New Jersey residents think Atlantic City’s best days are behind it [Press of Atlantic City, 2/24/2015]
Christie’s image at home challenges him on national stage [Press of Atlantic City, 2/22/2015]
Christie Faces Criticism on Out-of-State Travel, Refocuses on New Jersey [Wall Street Journal, 2/20/2015]
Most still opposed to hike in N.J. gas tax, poll says [, 2/20/2015]
Rutgers-Eagleton: Clinton beats Christie 58-35% in New Jersey [Politicker NJ, 2/17/2015]
Christie rating dips to all time low in Eagleton poll [Daily Targum, 2/16/2015]
Atlantic City meltdown may haunt Christie [Politico, 2/15/2015]
Christie low ratings may not hurt state GOP [Courier-Post, 2/15/2015]
Christie’s approval ratings continue downward slide [MSNBC, 2/15/2015]
Marist Pollster Weighs In On Gov. Christie’s Presidential Chances [CBS New York, 2/15/2015]
All-time low: Christie now viewed unfavorably by majority of N.J. voters [, 2/13/2015]
Chris Christie’s Ratings Drop To A Record Low [Huffington Pollster, 2/13/2015]
Christie NJ support erosion continues: poll [Asbury Park Press, 2/13/2015]
Christie struggles with ‘home-state haters’ [MSNBC, 2/13/2015]
Christie’s Approval Rating Sinks to All-Time Low in New Jersey [Bloomberg Politics, 2/13/2015]
Majority of New Jersey voters view Christie unfavorably: poll [Reuters, 2/13/2015]
New Jersey not showing love for Christie this Valentine’s Day [ABC 7 Eyewitness News, 2/13/2015]
Poll: 53 percent of N.J. voters give Christie an unfavorable rating, an all time low [Asbury Park Press, 2/13/2015]
Poll: Christie support drops to all-time low in N.J. [NJ Biz, 2/13/2015]
Poll: Christie’s approval ratings sink to all-time low [Politico, 2/13/2015]
Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: NJ support for ‘abrasive’ Christie hits ‘all-time low’ [Politicker NJ, 2/13/2015]
Valentine’s Day: Love is in the Air for Most New Jerseyans [Rutgers Today, 2/11/2015]
Christie’s Iowa climb gets steeper, latest poll shows [Asbury Park Press, 2/4/2015]
Will Chris Christie’s brash style be a boon or a bust in 2016? [CBS News, 2/4/2015]

January 2015

Abundant ice and big pigs in Hunterdon Old Ink for week of Jan. 26 [, 1/26/15]
Report says drivers pay big even without gas tax hike [Asbury Park Press, 1/25/15]
Christie trails Clinton by double-digit margin in Eagleton poll [Daily Targum, , 1/20/15]
5 examples of Trenton gridlock matching Washington’s [Asbury Park Press, 1/19/15]
States look at hiking gas tax as fuel prices plunge [USA Today, 1/17/15]

November-December 2014

Chris Christie vs. Jeb Bush: Where they stand on guns, education, and more [, 12/29/14]
Christie Roams, and Popularity Suffers at Home [New York Times, 12/27/14]
Last Call: Obama Hits the Links, Rand Does Festivus [US News, 12/23/14]
Poll: Christie no match for Hillary Clinton in N.J. [USA Today, 12/23/14]
Clinton Maintains Double-Digit Lead Over Christie in New Jersey [Rutgers Today, 12/22/14]
Commissioner: Fixing transportation trust fund means bringing the public on board [, 12/22/14]
Hillary Clinton tops Chris Christie by double digits in 2016 presidential matchup, poll finds [, 12/22/14]
In hypothetical 2016 match, Christie loses in NJ to Clinton [Courier-Post, 12/22/14]
N.J. voters favor Clinton over Christie by double-digit margin, poll says [NJ Biz, 12/22/14]
Rutgers 2016 Poll of NJ voters: Clinton 49%, Christie 39% [Politicker NJ, 12/22/14]
Christie weighs in on Cuba move with demand in letter to Obama [MSNBC, 12/21/14]
No easy fix for N.J. transportation fund [Courier-Post, 12/21/14]
New Jerseyans See New Congress Changing Country’s Direction [Rutgers Today, 12/19/14]
N.J. voters give Christie low marks on issues they care most about, poll shows [, 12/18/14]
Poll: Christie, despite national attention, garnering only ‘lukewarm’ support at home [Politicker NJ, 12/18/14]
Raise the gas tax? Rutgers poll says most in N.J. still oppose [Press of Atlantic City, 12/16/14]
Rutgers Poll: 56% don’t want a gas tax hike [Politicker NJ, 12/16/14]
Rutgers poll: Garner grand jury was wrong but Brown’s may have been right [, 12/15/14]
Rutgers-Eagleton poll: Most New Jerseyans skipped Black Friday sales [NJ Biz, 12/15/14]
New Jerseyans Say Grand Jury Wrong Not to Indict in New York City Police Choking Case [Rutgers Today, 12/12/14]
Rutgers/Eagleton Poll: NJ residents say Garner jury ruling wrong [Politicker NJ, 12/11/14]
New Jerseyans say gambling is only a small part of Atlantic City’s fun [NJ Today, 11/9/14]
Could falling gas prices provide cover to pump up the N.J. gas tax? [, 11/4/14]

October 2014

Is Chris Christie dodging on a gas tax hike decision? [My Central Jersey, 10/29/14]
Poll: Atlantic City’s best days are behind it [Asbury Park Press, 10/25/14]
N.J. residents question benefits of gambling for state [Asbury Park Press, 10/21/14]
Will the big game save gaming in Atlantic City? [CBS News, 10/21/14]
Sports betting not a great bet for AC: poll [My Central Jersey, 10/21/14]
Views on gambling turn sour in NJ [New Jersey 101.5, 10/21/14]
New Jerseyans lukewarm to sports betting, poll shows [, 10/21/14]
Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: New Jerseyans doubtful of benefits of sports betting [PolitickerNJ, 10/21/14]
Poll: Sports betting not a great bet for AC [The Daily Journal, 10/21/14]
Poll shows positive results for CPR, Heimlich training in NJ [Daily Targum, 10/20/14]
Sports, Online Betting: New Jerseyans Aren’t ‘all in’ [Rutgers Today, 10/20/14]
Chris Christie’s possible Iowa advantage in 2016 presidential race [, 10/19/14]
Experts share concerns about Ebola in NJ [Daily Targum, 10/16/14]
Ebola outbreak in the U.S., by the numbers [, 10/15/14]
Gov. Chris Christie announces $12M to treat addiction [The Daily Journal, 10/15/14]
His political standing damaged by bridge scandal, Chris Christie seeks a new image [Washington Post, 10/15/14]
Poll: Gov. Christie has negative ratings for first time in three years [Asbury Park Press, 10/14/14]
New Poll Suggests Governor Christie’s Popularity Is On The Decline [CBS Philadelphia, 10/14/14]
Chris Christie Hits New Lows In Latest Poll [Huffington Post, 10/14/14]
Poll: Christie’s favorability rating drops [New Jersey 101.5, 10/14/14]
Governor Christie’s Approval Rating Drops Significantly [New Jersey Newsroom, 10/14/14]
Rutgers-Eagleton poll: Gov. Christie has lowest approval rate since taking office [News 12 New Jersey, 10/14/14]
Christie sees favorability rating plummet to three-year low mark [NJ Biz, 10/14/14]
Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Christie approval rating sags to lowest of all time [PolitickerNJ, 10/14/14]
Dems go big in Arkansas — Tillis reports fundraising haul [Morning Score, 10/14/14]
Poll: Christie hits a new low in New Jersey [Washington Post, 10/14/14]
Christie Ratings Negative for First Time in Over Three Years [Rutgers Today, 10/13/14]
Most Hudson County polls unwilling to take stand on gas tax hike [, 10/11/14]
Poll: New Jerseyans don’t want gas tax hike [Asbury Park Press, 10/10/14]
New Jersey residents don’t want a gas tax hike, poll says [New Jersey 101.5, 10/10/14]
Most New Jerseyans still oppose the gas tax hike, poll shows [NJ Biz, 10/10/14]
Gas tax hike still opposed by most New Jerseyans, poll shows [, 10/10/14]
Eagleton: Most NJ residents don’t want a gas tax [PolitickerNJ, 10/10/14]
New Jersey: Local hospitals: We’re prepared for Ebola [Central Jersey, 10/9/14]
New Jerseyans Concerned About Possibility of U.S. Ebola Outbreak [Rutgers Today, 10/8/14]
Only 65 percent New Jerseyans own fire safety devices [Daily Targum, 10/7/14]
Most N.J. residents say they know how to save lives using CPR, Hemlich maneuver, poll said [, 10/6/14]
Poll Finds Lack Of Fire Safety Devices In N.J. Homes [CBS New York, 10/2/14]
Are you risking death from fire or carbon monoxide? [New Jersey 101.5, 10/2/14]
One-Third of New Jerseyans Do Not Have Critical Home Safety Devices [Rutgers Today, 10/1/14]

August-September 2014

Comparisons to same-sex marriage hold back progress [Daily Targum, 9/29/14]
What fixing New Jersey’s roads could cost you [, 9/28/14]
Road Warrior: View of risk shifts with who is in driver’s seat [, 9/28/14]
Are you a risky driver? [New Jersey 101.5, 9/26/14]
For Jersey drivers, it’s ‘do as we say, not as we do,’ poll finds [Newsworks, 9/25/14]
Drivers, experts say Rutgers driving poll omitted other dangers [, 9/25/14]
Jersey drivers: Do as I say, not as I drive, poll finds [, 9/25/14]
Year after lanes closed, Christie back to normal [Courier-Post, 9/7/14]
Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows top choices for New Jersey Republicans and Democrats [Daily Targum, 9/2/14]
Analysis: Christie clashes with Democrats over funding priorities [, 9/2/14]
Chris Christie on Presidential Run: ‘I’m Thinking About It’ [NewsMax, 8/29/14]
Poll: New Jerseyans worried about gun violence [Asbury Park Press, 8/19/14]
Nearly half of N.J. residents back Christie’s controversial gun bill veto, poll shows [, 8/14/14]
Poll: Bridgegate questions linger in NJ [New Jersey 101.5, 8/14/14]
N.J. voters remain skeptical of Christie in wake of bridge scandal, poll finds [, 8/8/14]
New Jersey Poll Asks Christie’s Presidential Question [CBS Philadelphia, 8/12/14]
Poll: N.J. Voters Choose Clinton Over Christie In Hypothetical Presidential Race [CBS New York, 8/8/14]
Christie bridge scandal: Governor’s poll numbers have stopped ‘bleeding’ [, 8/8/14]