Posted at 12:01 am February 25, 2001, in Earlier Press Releases and Polls, Economy, Environment, Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, Transportation

As the State Planning Commission prepares to adopt an updated version of the New Jersey State Plan this week, residents rate the existing version of the plan as largely ineffectual. While New Jerseyans feel that the goals of the State Plan are very important, after nearly a decade under the Plan they see little, if any, progress. When asked to rate the Plan’s success overall, a mere 6 percent of residents say the plan has been successful, while the rest feel it has either met with mixed success, or been unsuccessful. And when it comes to specific plan goals, residents think the Plan has fallen short on revitalizing urban centers, decreasing traffic congestion and stopping suburban sprawl. On two other issues — promoting economic growth and preserving open spaces — residents feel there has been some, although not a lot, of progress.


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