Majority in 3 States Favorable on Hillary Clinton; Give Former Sec of State 2016 Lead Over Christie, Paul & Ryan

Posted at 12:01 am March 4, 2014, in 2016 Election, Governor Chris Christie, Gun Control, Hillary Clinton, Marijuana, Minimum Wage, Obamacare, REP-Siena-Roanoke, Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, Same-Sex Marriage, Unemployment

A majority of voters in New York (64 percent), New Jersey (59 percent) and Virginia (56 percent) have a favorable view of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and name her most often in each state as the one eligible person that they would most like to see as the next President according to simultaneous identical polls conducted by Roanoke College in Virginia, Rutgers-Eagleton in New Jersey and Siena College in New York. In early 2016 Presidential horseraces in each state, Clinton tops New Jersey Governor Chris Christie , Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Paul Ryan by over 35 points in New York, 8 (Christie) to 14 (Paul) points in Virginia and even leads Christie by 10 in New Jersey while up there by 25 to 29 over Ryan and Paul.


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