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Past Research Projects

ECPIP has experience conducting survey research in a wide variety of public policy areas.

Business and Economic Planning, such as a survey of the infrastructure needs among New York metropolitan area business executives for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Community Services, such as the New Brunswick Tomorrow Survey, conducted bi-annually since 1976, which is one of the longest ongoing surveys of a community in the world

Education and Youth, such as the New Jersey Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Environment, such as opinions about statewide policies on growth and development

Health and Health Care, such as the HMO Report Card, one of the most requested reports published by the state

Institutional Research, such as implementation plans for a Rutgers television system or strategic planning for UMDNJ

Social Services, such as ongoing satisfaction studies of vocational rehabilitation clients

Transportation, such as regular studies for state transportation authorities to assess resident’s use of automobiles and public transportation for strategic planning



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