NO RELIEF FOR TORRICELLI POST-INVESTIGATION; But Potential Opponents Have Uphill Battles of Their Own

Posted at 12:01 am March 10, 2002, in Earlier Press Releases and Polls, Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, Senate Race

Views of Senator Robert Torricelli and his fundraising activities have not improved since last spring, even after the five-year federal investigation into his 1996 campaign finally drew to a close in January with no charges filed against him. Despite the lack of charges, most New Jerseyans who know about the investigations still believe Torricelli did something wrong — if not illegal, then unethical. According to a new Star LedgerlEagleton-Rutgers Poll, only 19 percent of those who have heard or read about the Torricelli probe and its conclusion think he did not do anything seriously wrong, a number virtually unchanged from last April when the investigation was in full swing. Perhaps as a result, 43 percent of Garden State residents and 45 percent of registered voters would like to send somebody else to the United States Senate this November.


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