New Jersey 2016 Election Special!


Tell us what you really think on Election Day!!  
From your cell or laptop, tell us what this election means to you and for America.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey.

The study includes a few short online surveys administered between now and early January and aims to better understand voters’ concerns, attitudes, and beliefs. Approximately 300-600 subjects in 5 states will participate in this study. Each survey will take about 10 minutes or less.

This survey is available in English or Spanish. La encuesta está disponible en Inglés o Español. 

All of your responses are confidential. Confidential means that the research records will include some information about you, and this information will be stored in such a manner that some linkage between your identity and the response in the research exists.

The research team and the Institutional Review Board at Rutgers University are the only parties that will be allowed to see the data, except as may be required by law. If a report of this study is published, or the results are presented at a professional conference, only group results will be stated. There are no foreseeable risks to participation in this study. Your participation is voluntary, you may end at any time, and you may skip questions you do not want to answer.

Selecting “I Agree” gives your consent for us to use your responses in our study. If you do not wish to participate, please select “I Do Not Agree”.

If you have any questions about the study or study procedures, you may contact Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling (ECPIP) Director Dr. Ashley Koning at 848.932.8940 or via email at

If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, please contact an IRB Administrator at the Rutgers University, Arts and Sciences IRB, Institutional Review Board at Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, Liberty Plaza / Suite 3200, 335 George Street, 3rd Floor, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 and by phone at 732.235.9806 or email at