DUH and DUMBER: New Jersey Residents Know Little about their Politics and Government

Posted at 12:01 am March 1, 1998, in Earlier Press Releases and Polls, Rutgers-Eagleton Poll

New Jerseyans are woeflully ignorant about some basic facts of political life in their state, a new study has found. Consider the following from the latest Star-Ledger/Eagleton poll:

• Only half of the public knows that Republicans control the New Jersey state legislature.
• Just one-in-three can name either of the two U.S. Senators from New Jersey.
• Only 29 percent can recall the name of the Democratic challenger Christie Whitman bested in the general election three months ago—Jim McGreevy.
• Just under three-quarters correctly identify Whitman as a Republican.

If a passing grade was two or more correct answers. 44 percent would fail. Another 27 percent would get a C. knowing two of the four. Just 30 percent of New Jersey residents would get good grades of A or B, with only 11 percent being able to answer all four questions correctly.


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